OSET MX-10 (adult)

The OSET MX-10 (adult version) has been adapted from our best selling MX-10 for all the big kids out there who want the thrills and excitement of one of the best electric dirt bikes on the market.

  • Powerful OSET motor, controller and OSET 20ah lithium battery, designed to work in unison on this machine
  • A 48v OSET drive system (complete with 3-dial adjustability) 
  • Custom upside-down fork built to OSET's specifications and an adjustable oil shock at the rear
  • Hydraulic disc brakes to provide plenty of stopping power
  • Electric power means no kick start 
  • No hot exhaust, so no more scorches 
  • Virtually silent so can be used where petrol bikes can not! 
  • Fitted with a stronger rear spring and 20" bars compared to the MX-10 Youth Version
  • For adults and teenagers - up to 90.0 kg
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