Krash Reaper

The Reaper is the closest thing on the water you will find to a motocross bike. The Reaper is capable of dragging a bar like a dirt bike in a rut, or riding choppy water like a motocross bike through whoops. This is the best summer conditioning a dirt bike rider can do. 

  • Engine: KV 997 Drive Train. The KV 997 drive train comes complete with 48mm Black Ops spec carburettors, 150mm Black Ops power pipe, carbon reeds, lightweight crank, Pro X conrods, Wiseco flat top pistons, 12 vien 148 setback pump with trim, stainless propeller and lightweight aluminium waterbox.
  • Hull: Resin Infused Glass. This a 100% resin infused long strained fibreglass composite.
  • Electronics: KV Electrics. The brain of every Kavinci complete package is the KV ECM. Fitted with a custom encoded microprocessor this unit comes with automatic bilge sensing and capable of three power out put modes, 70hp-100hp-130hp making it user friendly for all levels of rider.
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