About us


Drop the Hammer is the brainchild of founders Ben Gould and Neil Worsley. Ben has previous experience in the power sports industry, having owned a successful off-road vehicle company in Derbyshire for 10 years. Whilst Neil, a successful investment banker, brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and financial expertise to drive the business forwards.

Ben and Neil had often talked about creating a 'home of power sports', offering an inclusive and expansive range of products, all under one roof, which not only offered great products, but had the customer service to match. When the stars aligned and the Greater Manchester area became available for a number of key manufacturers, they seized the chance to turn the dream into a reality.

Never compromise on quality

We only sell the best brands, and our customer service is second to none. And just wait until you see our store.

Safety is everything

We take the greatest care in everything we do, so you can enjoy your ride with peace of mind.

Powersports are for everyone

You’ll get a warm welcome at DTH whether you’re a lifelong enthusiast or looking to try out powersports for the first time.

Be yourself

Don’t be afraid to express yourself. We help you customise your vehicle, so you can ride in your own style.

What’s the name about?

Our name is about speed and adrenaline. To ‘drop the hammer’ is to accelerate, to go full throttle and put the pedal to the metal. Hitting heart-racing speeds isn’t the only way to have fun, but it’s definitely a thrill when you do.