Scarab Boats

The boldest jet boat on the water

Head-turning design meets heart-pounding performance in Scarab Jet Boats. From the go-anywhere, do-anything Scarab 165 to the mighty Scarab 255, your ideal Scarab is a click away.

Award Winning Control

Shift effortlessly from neutral to
forward to reverse. Typical jet propulsion systems use levers and cables to engage the reverse gate requiring too much elbow grease. iNR is a completely electronic system that engages swiftly and accurately every time.

Detailed Craftsmanship

From the highest quality hand crafted interior materials and stitching, stainless steel hardware and opulent comfort throughout, you'll appreciate your Scarab for a long, long time.

Jet Propulsion Performance

The Legendary Rotax 4-TEC Engine is the most proven technology in jet propulsion. With over 800,000 currently in operation and four power levels from two proven blocks.


Looking ahead to next year? We can pre-order your desired model and support you in creating a custom spec.  

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SCARAB 255OID 2022


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SCARAB 255ID 2022


SCARAB 165ID 2022